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Why is Digital Marketing Needed For My Business?

Do you want more customers, but less work to acquire them? The result is more business but less stress. According to, 66% of the 2 billion people that are on the platform use it every single day. Not to mention just over half of 1.4 billion people check it multiple times per day. This statistic shows us one thing for sure, our customers are scrolling on their laptops, smartphones and tablets every second of the day. Most importantly, this phenomenon presents a unique opportunity for the business world. If a business builds their followers, the result is their business will grow! The question is how do we find them? says, Google accounted for 79% of all desktop search traffic in 2017. Wow! To clarify, we do SEO and Digital Marketing that take advantage of both Facebook Ads and Google Search. As a matter of fact, you likely found us because of Google Search, so our marketing works. Also, Facebook provides another way to take your marketing to new heights by reaching out to your target audience and generating buzz. This is what makes our Digital Marketing Agency in Fullerton a step ahead.




We strategize a plan to solve your companies problems and concerns, thereby providing clarity.


Next up, we use our Digital Marketing expertise as the foundation to maximize your agency growth.


Once we have your foundation, it will be time to bring your brand to the market and win online!

Digital Marketing Agency

Can you explain what your marketing service includes?


What’s the cost of your Digital Marketing  service?

So what do you do

Can you explain your day to day operations to ensure results?

The Difference

What makes your Marketing Agency different from the rest?


Please break down your strategy for those who know nothing about Marketing



What can I expect if I sign an agreement today?

What does your Service Include?

Our services include management of SEO, Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube marketing. What do you need from us to make this happen? To start, we need Full Admin Access to your backend for SEO, and Facebook accounts. This result in us being able to implement a fully trackable and scalable strategy. Next, we would need your customer avatar of who and where they are.

What’s The Secret?

Our strategy is to always test! We create a marketing message and we push it to the market. We define the target, then we release our strategy.  Next, we refine then launch again, then refine, until we perfect our process. In conclusion, these methods explained here are simple but, there is nothing that replaces hard work. It’s our nerd standard!


What’s The Cost

Our digital marketing services cost anywhere from $1,500 – $5,000 per month, with our average client agreement settling in at $2,000 per month. These agreements are for a variety of digital marketing services, including SEO, facebook, and instagram advertising.

SEO has to do with the ranking of your website. This is critical to google search engines. In other words, no organic search, no free sales! Secondly is Facebook and running ads to cold traffic to recruit new customers. For example, we come up with a concept, shoot the visual and push that content to the market. We will also retarget all of the visitors to your website using Facebook in addition to running ads. Lastly, this strategy is highly effective and will skyrocket your company when implemented correctly.



Digital Marketing Agency

Our Daily Actions

Our daily actions center around watching the trends within our marketing efforts. We will have a great understanding of how well your message resonates with your customer base shortly after the release, thereby launching a highly impactful campaign. After this process is started, we double down on the processes that are working and refine what does not. We are constantly optimizing to get you results in addition to planning new strategies to innovate.

If I Sign Today, What Happens?


Once we agree on the terms, we start the process of defining the audience, creating the commercial campaign, modifying your website, then we launch. This process could take a few days, or a couple weeks, depending on the project. 

There will be updates provided by us upon completion of all steps. For example, “Hey Steven, just completed the Commercial, we will be launching it on your page in less than an hour.” We keep the same energy as many in Fullerton, which is why our digital marketing agency is successful.


Digital Marketing Agency
Digital Marketing Agency

What’s The Difference?

Our difference is that we care. We are in the people pleasing business. In order for us to keep clients happy, we must produce results. In other words, less talk and more action. The one thing that our customers often times get angry about is we are not always available to talk. Our thought process is this, the time we are on the phone talking, is the time we could be optimizing the campaigns and producing results. Yes we love you however, our satisfaction comes from making you more money. By the way, after you’ve made double your income, steaks on you! Lol

Digital Marketing & SEO Agency in Fullerton

Are you having trouble finding customers and are looking for a digital marketing agency? Most business owners would admit that their problems start with finding customers, which results in fewer sales and traffic. However, the problem isn’t getting new customers, it’s having a rinse and repeat way of getting more customers in your pipeline. Over the past 100 years, businesses have relied on some sort of advertising to market their business or, many hire someone and hopes he/she solves their problem. Both are viable, but advertising costs money, and most business owners are not schooled in the art, in other words, failure is the reason you’re reading this. Because of these reasons, King Printers Media was formed.

We believe in doing option 3. The world has evolved into an incredible game where VIDEO is king. For instance, Instagram reported in 2018 video watch-time is up by more than 80%. Facebook also reported in 2018 that their platform has 100 million hours of video watched per day. In other words, your customers are online! The question is how do you find them? King Printers Media specializes in producing nerve striking commercial campaigns for small and enterprise businesses that consist of both organic and paid reach advertisement from Google and Facebook. Most importantly, we assist with digital marketing on Facebook, Instagram, and SEO for your website to rank high in search engines on Google.

Digital Marketing Agency Fullerton


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Our Digital Marketing Agency will do our part to make sure our customers are satisfied and more importantly thriving. We value our relationships in addition to your company growth. We will provide the correct systems to monetize the traffic that we generate, in other words we will work hard for results. Finally, and more importantly, we love the process of growth, the process is what makes us grow and evolve.