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First, we strategize a plan to solve your companies problems and concerns .


Next, we use our Digital Marketing expertise as the foundation to maximize your agency growth.


Once we have your foundation, it will be time to bring your brand to the market and win online!

Digital Marketing Agency

What’s your Digital Marketing Management service include?

What's The Cost

What’s the cost of your Digital Marketing  service?

So what do you do

What does your company do daily to get me results?

How Are You Different

What’s makes your Marketing Agency different from the rest?

What's The Strategy

What is your strategy to get results?


What can I expect

What can I expect if I sign an agreement today?

What does your Service Include?

Our services include management of Facebook, SEO, and Instagram ads. What do you need from us (business) to make this happen? Initially, we will need full admin access to your backend for SEO, and Facebook accounts. This result in us being able to implement a fully trackable and scalable strategy. Next, we would need your customer avatar of who and where they are.

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What’s The Secret?

Our strategy is to always test! We create a marketing message and we push it to the market. We define the target, then we release our strategy.  Next, we refine then launch again, then refine, until we perfect our process. In conclusion, these methods explained here are simple but, there is nothing that replaces hard work. It’s our nerd standard!


What’s The Cost

Our digital marketing services cost anywhere from $1,500 – $5,000 per month, with our average client agreement settling in at $2,000 per month. These agreements are for a variety of digital marketing services, including SEO, facebook, and instagram advertising.

SEO has to do with the ranking of your website. This is critical to google search engines. In other words, no organic search, no free sales! Secondly is Facebook and running ads to cold traffic to recruit new customers. For example, we come up with a concept, shoot the visual and push that content to the market. We will also retarget all of the visitors to your website using Facebook in addition to running ads. Lastly, this strategy is highly effective and will skyrocket your company when implemented correctly.


Our Daily Actions

Our daily actions center around watching the trends within our marketing efforts. We will have a great understanding of how well your message resonates with your customer base shortly after the release, thereby launching a highly impactful campaign. After this process is started, we double down on the processes that are working and refine what does not. We are constantly optimizing to get you results in addition to planning new strategies to innovate.

If I Sign Today, What Happens?


Once we agree on the terms, we start the process of defining the audience, creating the commercial campaign, modifying your website, then we launch to the market. This process could takes approximately two to three weeks depending on the project.

There will be updates provided by us upon completion of all steps. For example, “Hey Steven, just completed the Commercial, we will be launching it on your page in less than an hour.” We keep the same energy as many in Fullerton, which is why our digital marketing agency is successful.


Digital Marketing Agency Fullerton

What’s The Difference?

We care! That’s our difference. We are in the people pleasing business an in order for us to keep clients happy, we must produce results. In other words, less talking and more action. The one thing that our customers often times get angry about is we are not always available to talk. Our thought process is, the time we are on the phone talking, is the time we could be optimizing the campaigns and producing results. Yes we love you our people, but our business is judged off results. By the way, after you’ve made double your income, steaks on you! Lol

In this section I’m going to explain SEO. Firstly, Search engine optimization allows your website to get new visitors. New visitors allow you to gain trust and in the end a new customer. Local SEO is crucial for a business because according to statistics, 72% of people who do a local Google search, end up visiting a business with 5 miles in 72 hours or less. This results in more customers! Yes our digital marking agency is a huge fan of statistics in Orange County because, they tell you the story. With this example, you cannot ignore the ability of the search engines as Google is #1 on similar web rank for website usability.

Secondly, If you fix your local SEO by using Google maps, the result is higher visits to your website, and therefore more buyers. If you can be in the three pack of Google maps, you will get a significant amount of phone calls in Orange County using our digital marketing agency, and therefore more business. 33% of Google search uses Google map results. The results of seeing your map listing is more likely customers to come by. This is where your company has to convert them, surprisingly there are some companies who would disagree. We can only lead the customers to water, we can’t make them drink. This is why understanding conversions are extremely important.

In conclusion, our King Printers Media team is equipped to outrank your competitors in the search engine and in the overall paid media space. This results in our digital marketing agency experience proving itself in Orange County. Above all, we can help you compete in your market by adhering to the often changing Google algorithm, in other words, your company wins!



How long does it take to get results?

Will you put me on a contract?

How long does it take to get results?

First off, results are dependent on a number of factors. Advertising could take as short as a few days but could also take a couple months before fully optimized. Secondly, keywords and ranking websites is gauged on a score from 0 – 100 to determine a markets competition. For example, the keyword “Los Angeles SEO” has a difficulty of 52 according to ahrefs (a popular SEO tool to measure KD).

If your business is targeting a keyword with a score of 80, it will take longer to rank than a keyword that has a KD of 10. To sum it up, your best option is to contact us to view our approach on ranking your keyword specifically. The result us a full understanding of your strategy of attacking your market.

Once you contact us we will do an evaluation of your website to determine how well your website converts in search engines. To clarify, knowing how well you convert gives us clarity on strategy. We also gauge your system for tracking the leads that come to your site. Based off our findings, we create a scope of work plan to properly lay out the time and budget needed to both rank your website, and create ads that will attract customers.

Furthermore, we place our clients into agreements because the work is ongoing. The only time there is not a contract is if we are optimizing your website for Search Engine Optimization Only.

Firstly, our prices are based on several factors. Are we only performing SEO? Are we just performing Ads through Facebook and Instagram? What about shooting video to complement either of the above? As you can see, there are several things to consider when working on your website and turning your business into a machine.

To clarify, we would discuss in detail a full proof strategy for growth. Secondly, SEO takes time as does advertising to bring about the most return on investment. In other words, we will work hard to bring the results but this process should not be rushed to produce the best results. 

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Digital Marketing Campaign Example
Here is an agency example of our digital marketing campaign shot in Orange County. You may say to yourself, that’s a simple video and you are absolutely correct! Your videos should be short, punchy and straight to the point getting people to see the value in what you bring, so they go to your website and buy! After that, your company nurtures the relationship, and as a result, you gain a customer for life! This is what separates us from our competitors. In other words, Digital Marketing coupled with Distribution is a great combination to help your business to soar.


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Our Digital Marketing Agency will do our part to make sure our customers are satisfied and more importantly thriving. We value our relationships in addition to your company growth. We will provide the correct systems to monetize the traffic that we generate, in other words we will work hard for results. Finally, and more importantly, we love the process of growth, the process is what makes us grow and evolve.