About Casey Printers

Casey is a former Professional Quarterback in both the CFL and NFL where he played for 10 years. He took the skills learned on the field and merged them to the arts where he was a producer, writer, director, and actor. After shooting several of his own projects, Casey began to be pulled to produce content in the e-Commerce space because of a relationship with his long time girlfriend. Day in and day out, they both worked to grow an e-commerce clothing store that did extremely well in sales. Once the Instagram algorithm changed the scope of businesses on the web, Casey took his talents to marketing to keep growing business that he encountered.

Casey formed King Printers Media to fully engage eCommerce brands interested in scaling their companies. “We at King Printers Media understand storytelling, when we mix it with companies who have products and services, we can effectively communicate with their customers. After all, everybody loves a great story”.



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