The 3 Keyword Research factors when Ranking in Google

Keyword research is the beginning of a great SEO campaign. In order to realize the importance of Keyword research you must understand who your customer is and think logically about what they want. Our running example for this post will be running shoes. Let’s say that you are a company that provides the newest greatest running shoe on the market and you want to appeal to the runners of the world. How would you go about doing that? Lets deep dive into the research that will put you head and shoulders above the rest.

Understanding the importance of Keywords

The keyword that I am using as my header 1 or the top keyword that I want to rank for is running shoes which gets about (300,000) searches per month. This brings about the first important factors in reaching your keyword and that is “deciding a direction”. Once you realize the place in which you are going, you can focus on ranking those keywords. The result of doing this is focus.

You would want to decide and place them in order from most important to least within your search and decide which keyword you would want to chase to rank for the top spot.

  1. Running shoes would be first
  2. Customer service would be second
  3. Where runners train near me
  4. Clothing runners wear
  5. Best running shoes
  6. Earphones for runners
  7. Carrying case for phone while running
  8. Best socks for runners

This list can go on and on. As you can see, I decided to off the top of my head think about everything that a runner would think about when they run. It is likely a runner would consider all of these options if not more for example, meet up running groups, high endurance training, weight lifting programs for runners etc. This would be my process for figuring out for my running shoe, how to attack the market.

Ranking Your Keywords

Once you have done your keyword research, the second most important step in keyword research is, “Ranking the relevance of  results from 1 to whatever number of keywords you have”. The Third most important factor in ranking your keywords is, “Creating content to service your audience”. You want to organize a Blog post, or content for your website to include all the key terms you would want to rank for.

This is extremely important in Google search engine’s eyes because when you clarify how important the words are that you want to rank for, it gives google a clear understanding of where you are going with your content. This allows your creativity to now have a clear focus and you can create content geared toward the (importance of customer service). As you can see, I gave “importance of customer service” a place in the post, showing google that I can sprinkle key words into my content, giving it more relevance than just being in a header.

The Power Of Focus

Searching for keywords gives a business something to focus on. When you do keyword research it helps your business with focus. The problem with many businesses is focusing on the wrong aspects of their company. It is easy to get caught up in what (you) personally want for your company, but that may not be the best direction for your business.

Understanding what your customer is googling helps to put all of the opinions to bed, and focus on the facts. Here is what people are googling, therefore here is what we need to produce. Facts will always trump anyone’s opinion.

As you can see by the examples above, there are 5 products that I thought of quickly that a shoe company can implement into their business model just by googling what runners would need on their quest in being a complete runner. Pushing these products in front of your ideal customer would enhance their thoughts for why your company would be the one stop shop for buying the best running shoe.

Keywords tool

There are a number of keyword tools on the market that can help you to gain more insight to the best running shoe. Google’s keyword tool is a free option that tells you exactly what keywords are searched and the round about number in which they are searched. This gives you a great estimate as to what keywords would work for your company and generally does the job. There are other free keyword tools on the market like keywords everywhere that are free, and show up next to the google terms as you are live on google. This allows you to stay searching while you take notes on what keywords are relevant to your niche.

Keywords research

There are several paid keyword tools on the market such as ahrefs, keywords tool, wordstream, kwfinder, etc. Honestly too many to count. The important reference here would be what helps you to get the most out of your research. All of these tools have their advantages and disadvantages as they take you through the process of picking the perfect keyword and can have a significant effect on which keyword works best for you, however in my opinion they are not a necessity to get started.

When you begin a blog, or vlog to serve your customer base, you want to lead with value and if buying a keyword service per month gives you more value, than by all means use it. Again, the option is there to help you get the most valuable understanding for pushing content to your ideal audience. Doing this, ensures a great customer experience for your audience and most importantly, gives Google the ammunition you need to rank your website, blog, vlog, or combination of the 3.


We have discussed a number of factors that contribute to great keyword research. It is important to note that keyword research is the first step in creating a number 1 ranking on google. Once you have the right targeted keywords you want to create content that will help you rank your keywords from top to bottom. Reference our precious blog,

The Ultimate Guide To Digital Marketing” and research the other aspects of creating a well balanced digital marketing campaign. We will soon discuss the other ranking factors in your efforts to get to the top of the google searches. Keywords play a significant role in that journey and you want to work hard at the initial setup of your campaigns. This will thrust your work to the top of the search engines. Happy journey!